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Jimmy Henchman wanted by the FEDS
DEA and the US Marshals are on Hip-Hop executive Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond's ass. They issued a warrant for his arrest after he didnt turn himself in on cocaine distribution charges. Apparently this man was shippin bricks from the west coast in cases used for instruments to studios in New York. Then he was shippin the bread back in $100,000 packs. They were investigating him for a year, and two other people that were indicted are already cooperating with the laws. Henchmen has been a manager to various artists like the Game, and has been involved in various altercations with 50 Cent and G-Unit. Here he is speaking about his alleged involvement with the 2Pac shooting back back in the gap. We'll see how this turns out.
Angry Man News
Black Jesus Media presents "Angry Man News". This is a show that asks the questions muthafuckas always wonder about in the back of the there minds. Here they discuss with students at Texas Southern University if size really matters. Check out for more episodes.
This how the Cartels getting down
Check this video out. The kids are in kindergarten class when two cartels start shooting at each other right in front of the school house. I guess them niggas really dont give a damn. The teacher tries to keep the students calm by singing a song; crazy thing is, the kids are already calm. They are used to it. The teacher tells them to stay down while u hear the choppers go off just outside. A possesion charge in a school zone damn near doubles ya sentence on this side of the border. Them cats wildin out there. Pray for the families being affected by this.
South Beach Police seek to end 'Urban Beach Week' after wild shootout
Some of the Brick Boyz were down in Miami gettin it in for the Memorial Day Weekend. South Beach was the place to be at. Guess not next year. On the morning of May 30th there was a shootout that left one man dead, three officers hurt and four bystanders injured. The dude tried to run over the laws and they popped him during the three block chase. Now its and open investigation because they didnt even find a gun in the mans whip.Then they said it was other people in the car who busted at the laws first then fled the car. It was so many police agencies down there that weekend that they dont even know if it was Feds or local laws that killed the man. The event draws 200,000 people every year, and now they want to end it. They want to replace the event with a jazz festival.
Heat take Game 1
The Heat got in that ass last night as expected. The Mavs put up a fight, but the defense put the clamps on them down the stretch. Wade and Lebron showed out. Dirk didnt look like himself; turns out he tore a tendon in his middle finger. Its hard enough trying to beat the Heat with ya full squad, now they gotta do it without their best player at less than 100%. But shit its the finals, and if u hoopin in the league u must have some kind of game. The Mavs better come on with it. Its the Finals. Game 2 is Thursday night in Miami.
Mavs even series
Aint it something. Just when everyone thought the Mavs were done for, hello world. They pulled out a win after almost goin back home down 2-0. The Heat had a 15 point lead 'and then', no 'and then.' The Mavs go on a run, and Dirk took Bosh to the basket to win it.  U cant say that Bosh sold the game, because the team let the 15 point lead go to waste. Then again Bosh did sell the game, he was playin the shot and Dirk hit him with a hesi. The series is going back to Dtown evened up.
Patti Labelle hit with a lawsuit
This man was standfing by Patti's luggage at Bush Airport. The security told him back back, he tried to play tough cause he goes to West Point. Words go back and forth, the security stiff arms him, he throws a jab. Then he gets straight dropped like some good dope. Now he's suing Patti Labelle. They might settle this one out of court, and give him a lil piece of change.
Welfare recipients subjected to drug testing
So the fool who is the governor of Florida signed a law that requires anyone who is looking for government assistance needs to take a drug test.This is classism at work. If they want the lower class who needs the assistance to take drug tests then they need to require drug testing for everyone who is looking for any type of government funding. So for the people higher up looking for grants and loans for businesses or service organizations, they need to be drug tested too. Then people will see how many rich crackheads and methheads the country has. America is in monkey see monkey do mode, so we think other states might pick up this silly ass law.
Mayweather turns down 65 million
This is Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter. He says some investors from Singapore want to put up $130 million for Mayweather and Pacquiao to go ahead and squabble, each one getting $65 million. Well damn. Mayweather turned the fight down. People might look at it as if Mayweather doesnt want to fight, thats dumb. They call him Money Mayweather for a reason. If this fight is gonna be the Super Bowl of boxing, they better make some Super Bowl money. Floyd is holding out until he gets his court cases settled, and for the investors to put up $200 million, with each one getting $100 mill ticket. Put the fight on network TV and get advertisers to pay up to a $1 million a piece for TV spots and make it the richest most profitable fight ever. The PacMan and Pretty Boy can really can themselves prize figther$. On another note, halfway thru 2011, this is the fight of the year so far.
Rashad Lewis and Lebron James' BM?
Not only are Dirk, Terry and the Mavs fucking Lebron on the court, and Delonte West fuckin Lebrons T-lady, now they got a rumor goin around sayin Rashad Lewis is fuckin Lebrons baby mama. Rashad was on 97.9 The Box shuttin down that rumor. It might be true tho, the way Lebron is playin in the Finals.
Check out the FN 5.7, Bad MF
Superhead made up 'Video Vixen'
So now Superhead is tryin to sell a wolf ticket that all the stuff she wrote in her book about the people she was messing with was a lie. Stop it. Girl u was fuckin, she's got a new book coming out and she's trying to create publicity for it. The video even looks made up. Sit down.